We are pleased to announce that Matthias Menzel from Hamburg, Germany, has won the ECOSS Prize, whereas the Best Poster Prize has been awarded to Tatyana Balandina from Leuven, Belgium.

There is a long-standing ECOSS tradition to award the most outstanding student papers presented at the conference. There will be a single ECOSS Prize, consisting of a certificate and 1500 Euro, for the best oral presentation, and a single Best Poster Prize, consisting of a certificate and 500 Euro, for the best poster presentation.

A student paper is defined as a paper based on a recent (i.e., submitted to the respective faculty not earlier than 1 September 2010) Ph.D. thesis, irrespective of whether the work has already been published in part or in total. The paper must be presented by the thesis author. Candidates need to tick the appropriate box while submitting their abstract. Furthermore, a support letter from the Ph.D. supervisor should be sent to the conference organizers justifying the application, confirming the student contribution to the presented work and indicating the Ph.D. thesis submission date. A committee of independent referees will review all the submitted applications and select the final ECOSS Prize competitors. A student may compete for the ECOSS Prize only once.

The following papers have been qualified for the final ECOSS Prize competition:

- Thomas Jaouen (Rennes, France)
"Bands alignment at MgO/Ag(001) interface: Schottky barrier height and negative electron affinity"
- Barbara Lechner (Cambridge, UK)
"Dynamical measurements of five-fold aromatic molecules on a hexagonal lattice"
- Eliza McIntosh (Cambridge, UK)
"Adsorption and dynamics of water, benzene, and other molecular adsorbates at a graphene surface"
- Matthias Menzel (Hamburg, Germany)
"Atomic-scale spin-spiral observed in individual metallic chains"
- Giovanni Vanacore (Milan, Italy)
"Nanoscale mapping of strain, composition and electronic structure in SiGe nano-stripes"

and will be presented during a special session on Wednesday afternoon, August 31. The order of presentations within the ECOSS Prize session will be drawn.