Dedicated symposia

In addition to regular topical sessions, the ECOSS-28 program will comprise five dedicated symposia to highlight the following subjects:

- ‘25 years of LEEM’
co-chaired by Ernst Bauer (Tempe, USA) and Jan Kołaczkiewicz (Wrocław, Poland)
- ‘Carbon-based nanoscience and nanotechnology’
chaired by Patrick Soukiassian (Paris, France)
- ‘One-dimensional systems at surfaces’
co-chaired by Erminald Bertel (Innsbruck, Austria) and Mieczysław Jałochowski (Lublin, Poland)
- ‘Single-atom/single-molecule characterization and nanomanipulation’
co-chaired by Oscar Custance (Tsukuba, Japan) and Pavel Jelinek (Prague, Czech Republic)
- ‘Surface science of energy storage and conversion’
co-chaired by Annabella Selloni (Princeton, USA) and Cristiana Di Valentin (Milan, Italy)