Topical sessions

The ECOSS-28 program will be structured into sessions according to the following main topic areas. They are rather broad in scope, and thus, partly overlapping. The idea is to represent as wide range of surface science as possible and not to neglect any relevant field of research.

The general subjects to be covered at ECOSS-28:

- Adsorption and desorption
- Bio-surfaces, interfaces and organic materials
- Electrochemistry and solid-liquid interfaces
- Electronic and optical properties
- Metal and alloy surfaces
- Molecular self-assembly and supramolecular structures
- Nanotribology
- New methods for studying surfaces and interfaces
- Oxide surfaces and thin oxide films
- Semiconductor surfaces
- Strong correlation at surfaces
- Structure and phase transitions
- Surface diffusion and growth
- Surface dynamics
- Surface magnetism
- Surface reactions and catalysis
- Ultrafast phenomena