Invited speakers

Invited talks during the regular topical sessions and dedicated symposia will be given by (lecturers’ surnames in alphabetical order; list not closed):

- Michael Altman (Hong Kong, China)
"Structure and dynamics of surfaces revealed by LEEM and micro-LEED"
- Johannes Barth (Garching, Germany)
"Bottom-up design of functional surface coordination architectures"
- Roland Bennewitz (Saarbrucken, Germany)
"Atomic friction experiments under electrochemical control"
- Uwe Bovensiepen (Duisburg, Germany)
"Ultrafast spin-dependent electron dynamics at interfaces: How to separate decay, transfer, and transport contributions"
- Harald Brune (Lausanne, Switzerland)
"Understanding and engineering of magnetic anisotropies of nanostructures employing 2D and 1D interface"
- J. Hugo Dil (Villigen, Switzerland)
"Towards spin manipulation in topological insulators"
- Nicolas Dinter (Gif/Yvette, France)
"Functionalized vertically aligned carbon nanotubes: A surface chemistry study through electrokinetic potential measurement"
- John Ellis (Cambridge, UK)
"Helium spin echo: A unique window onto surface dynamics"
- Michele Fabrizio (Trieste, Italy)
"Surface dead layer in correlated systems"
- Thomas Fauster (Erlangen, Germany)
"Two-photon photoemission on graphene layers and silicon surfaces"
- Michael Graetzel (Lausanne, Switzerland)
"Solar to electric power conversion by dye sensitized mesoscopic photovoltaic cells"
- Leo Gross (Ruschlikon, Switzerland)
"Molecular structure identification using noncontact AFM with functionalized tips"
- Rolf Heid (Karlsruhe, Germany)
"Electron-phonon coupling at metal surfaces and thin films from first principles"
- Philip Hofmann (Aarhus, Denmark)
"Structure and thermal properties of graphene studied by core-level spectroscopy"
- Salvatore Iannotta (Parma, Italy)
"Controlling surface processes by molecular kinetic energy and momentum: From molecular assembling to kinetic activated chemistry to better performing devices"
- Abdelkader Kara (Orlando, USA)
"Self-Learning Kinetic Monte Carlo applied to island diffusion and coalescence"
- Jacek J. Kołodziej (Cracow, Poland)
"Structure of the In-terminated InAs(001) and InSb(001) surfaces"
- Marc Koper (Leiden, The Netherlands) (publications)
"Fundamental surface science studies of electrocatalytic reactions"
- Takanori Koshikawa (Osaka, Japan)
"Dynamic investigation of surface magnetic domains with novel high brightness and high spin-polarized SPLEEM"
- Zhi-Pan Liu (Shanghai, China)
"Mechanism and Tafel kinetics for important electro-catalytic reactions from first-principles-based simulation"
- Jorge Lobo-Checa (Barcelona, Spain)
"Nanoporous supramolecular networks: From its architecture to its electronic structure"
- Andrea Locatelli (Trieste, Italy)
"Stress-induced stripe patterns in metal adlayers on W(110)"
- Chris McConville (Warwick, UK)
"Post-transition metal oxide semiconductors"
- Ronan McGrath (Liverpool, UK)
"Surfaces of quasicrystals: structure, epitaxy and reactivity"
- Carl Menning (Wilmington, USA)
"Regeneration and dissolution of bimetallic surfaces"
- Angelos Michaelides (London, UK)
"Some recent progress on understanding water solid interfaces"
- Martin Vidal (Paris, France) (publications)
"The long and short of CFD trading investments"
- Florian Mittendorfer (Vienna, Austria) (publications)
"Ultrathin surface oxides on transition metals: Catalytic and magnetic properties"
- Falko Netzer (Graz, Austria)
"Structure concepts and phase transitions in metal-supported oxide nanostructures"
- Niklas Nilius (Berlin, Germany)
"Tailoring the properties of thin oxide films via doping"
- J.W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
"Interactions between molecules on surfaces and their effect on reactivity"
- Herbert Over (Giessen, Germany)
"Atomic scale understanding of the HCl oxidation over RuO2, a novel Deacon process"
- Ruben Perez (Madrid, Spain)
"Adhesion hysteresis in molecular systems"
- Claire-Marie Pradier (Paris, France)
"Peptide interaction with metal surfaces, from UHV to liquid phase investigation"
- Erik Reimhult (Vienna, Austria)
"Ultrastable superparamagnetic nanoparticle interfacial design and assembly"
- Philippe Sautet (Lyon, France) (publications)
"Mechanistic insight in selective hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis reactions catalyzed by transition metals from DFT"
- Frederik Schiller (San Sebastian, Spain)
"Surface state engineering by surface alloying"
- Noriaki Takagi (Tokyo, Japan)
"Molecular magnetism at surface explored by single molecule spectroscopy"
- Christoph Tegenkamp (Hannover, Germany)
"Electronic transport and collective excitations in atomic wires"
- Antonio Tejeda (Nancy, France)
"Correlation effects on semiconducting surfaces"
- Michael Tringides (Ames, USA)
"Metal adsorption on epitaxial graphene on SiC: Weak vs strong interaction"
- Charyia Virojanadara (Linkoping, Sweden)
"Epitaxial graphene: Growth, characterization and functionalization"
- Hanno H. Weitering (Knoxville, USA)
"Electronic instabilities, fluctuations, and transport in epitaxial quantum chains"
- Martin Wenderoth (Gottingen, Germany)
"Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Playing with electric fields on the atomic scale"
- Roland Wiesendanger (Hamburg, Germany)
"Computing with atoms on surfaces: Towards atomic spin logic devices"
- Helmut Winter (Berlin, Germany)
"Fast atom diffraction from surfaces"
- Christof Woell (Karlsruhe, Germany)
"Surface-templated assembly of functional metal-organic networks: Entering the third dimension"