Plenary lectures

The following lectures will be delivered during the plenary sessions of ECOSS-28:

- Ulrike Diebold (Vienna, Austria)
"The surface science of metal oxides: Recent progress, current challenges, and future directions"
- Wilson Ho (Irvine, USA)
"Probing single molecules by atomic scale inelastic tunneling"
- Karsten Horn (Berlin, Germany)
"Graphene: An ideal model system for 2-dimensional physics and surface science"
- Miquel Salmeron (Berkeley, USA)
"From solid-vacuum to solid-gas, solid-liquid and solid-solid interfaces: In situ studies of structure and dynamics under environmentally relevant conditions"
- Matthias Scheffler (Berlin, Germany)
"Role of van der Waals interactions in adsorption and at inorganic/organic interfaces"