ECOSS-28 Summary

The 28th edition of ECOSS is over. More than 650 participants from as many as 38 countries attended the conference. Six plenary lectures (including the open-public lecture) have been delivered, accompanied by 47 invited talks, 310 oral contributions and 209 poster presentations.

ECOSS-28 has been organized by the Institute of Experimental Physics of the University of Wrocław under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the University of Wrocław and the President of the City of Wrocław.

Scientific program

The ECOSS-28 conference is going to provide a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art surface physics and chemistry, discuss recent advances and current problems, and point out the prospective development of the field. Experimental as well as theoretical aspects will be addressed, covering both the basic and applied research.

Scientific program of ECOSS-28 will consist of invited talks and contributed papers, presented during plenary, oral and poster sessions. Five plenary lectures (50 + 10 min.) will be delivered. Other invited talks (35 + 5 min.) and oral contributions (15 + 5 min.) will be structured into several parallel sessions according to 17 general topic areas. The regular topical sessions will be accompanied by five dedicated symposia focusing on more specific subjects. In addition, two poster sessions will be held.

The regular scientific sessions of ECOSS-28 will be accompanied by a more general open-public lecture reviewing our current understanding of the nature and addressing the major problems faced by today's fundamental physics. An author workshop providing insight into the publishing process will also be held.
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